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Vision Committee

This committee will assist the current Chairman and Chairman-elect in developing and implementing a Strategic Plan for the Dallas CPA Society that provides vision and direction for the organization for the year of the incoming Chair as well as for the next three to five years. The Strategic Plan will contain specific objectives of the DCPAS, the initiatives or activities that will be required to achieve the specific objectives, and success indicators to measure the level of achievement of the objectives. The Strategic Plan will also adopt as many of the TSCPA Strategic Plan initiatives as the DCPAS Board of Directors approves.


  • The Chair-elect of the Dallas CPA Society shall chair the committee. The Chair and the immediate Past-Chair will be ex-officio members of the committee. The committee Chair shall nominate four or more DCPAS members to serve on the committee, at least three of which shall be non-board members, to be approved by the DCPAS Board of Directors, creating a minimum of seven committee members. The Chair is encouraged to consider as two of the non-board members a past-Chair/President of the DCPAS, and the most recent DCPAS Young CPA of the Year award winner. The appointed members shall serve two-year terms with half of the terms ending in alternate years.
  • The committee will work with the DCPAS Chair and Chair-elect to assure a smooth leadership transition from the current year to the subsequent year.
  • The committee will review the current TSCPA Strategic Plan and assist the DCPAS Chair, Board of Directors, and committees with accomplishing the initiatives of the TSCPA Strategic Plan adopted by the DCPAS Board of Directors.
  • Annually review all committee charges and work with all committee chairs to modify committee objectives as necessary to assure compliance with the DCPAS Strategic Plan and TSCPA Strategic Plan (if adopted).
  • Annually review the DCPAS Strategic Plan and recommend changes to the Board of Directors.
  • Review the current year and three-year budget projections with the Finance committee to assure compliance with the Strategic Plan and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Work with all committee chairs to establish a planning process by the committees that is responsive to the DCPAS Strategic Plan and assures that all committee plans and activities are consistent with the DCPAS Strategic Plan and that all elements of the DCPAS Strategic Plan are addressed by at least one committee.
Now that you are knowledgeable about this committee, to volunteer, please let us know if you would like to be considered and call 972-960-8311. This committee is appointed only.

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