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Scholarship Committee


  • To provide financial assistance to qualified students to encourage them to complete their undergraduate or graduate accounting education and become a certified public accountant.
  • To honor Philip Vogel, CPA, in whose memory the Dallas CPA Society Scholarship Fund was established.

    • Administer the Dallas CPA Society Scholarship Program:
    • Determine scholarship criteria and eligibility requirements, and incorporate these into the application form.
    • Coordinate with the Finance Committee to determine the dollar amount of scholarships which can be awarded annually based on the actual vs. target fund balance.
    • Develop and communicate procedures for handling the application process.
    • Announce the availability of scholarships and the application procedures to students and educators.
    • Select scholarship recipients from applicants, and communicate results to all applicants.
    • Publicize scholarship awards in the Chapter newsletter, TSCPA magazine or newsletter, school newspapers, and/or other publications, both printed and electronic.
    • Recognize scholarship recipients and faculty representatives as appropriate at a Chapter event.
    • Recognize donors to the Dallas CPA Society Scholarship Fund as appropriate.

  • Coordinate with the Finance Committee as necessary to establish funds management guidelines and procedures. The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the investment of scholarship funds in accordance with the DCPAS' approved investment policies, and for reporting fund performance to the Scholarship Committee periodically.
  • Solicit donations to the Dallas CPA Society Scholarship Fund as necessary.
  • Coordinate with related committees (e.g., Partners in Education, Student Membership) to effectively carry out the above charges.
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