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Legislative Affairs Committee

This committee shall be responsible for keeping the Dallas CPA Society (DCPAS) membership informed on matters of state legislation - present and prospective - affecting the accounting profession, and of keeping members of the Legislature of Texas acquainted with the functions of and rendered to the public by the accounting profession.


  • Annually review committee charge and modify objectives, responsibilities, and activities as necessary to accomplish the goals of the DCPAS Strategic Plan. (Reference "Political Involvement" of the Plan.)
  • Develop leadership skills of committee members in order to have a smooth leadership transition from year to year.
  • Keep close contact with the development of legislative policies and programs.
  • Develop a continuing program for maintaining interests and contacts during and between sessions of the Legislature of Texas with particular attention to important proposed accounting legislation.
  • Promote member involvement in the legislative arena.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Political Action Committee, a subcommittee of the Legislative Affairs Committee.
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