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Steve Tillinger to Present Federal Tax Update - December 8, 2017

Steve Tillinger

FLASH ALERT - Steve says there's a lot to cover. He vows to tell you what you need to know! Can he do it all in one day? Sign Up Now!

Whether you are a generalist or a tax specialist, you will take away valuable information and insights from this eight-hour program. The course will bring you up-to-date on current issues in federal income taxation affecting individuals and small business owners with emphasis on coverage and analysis of any 2017 tax legislation, both final and proposed; updates and new developments of 2016 and earlier tax law; important court cases; Treasury income tax regulations; IRS revenue rulings and procedures; and more!

Courses Objectives:
  • To provide an update of recent developments in federal income taxation.
  • To recognize planning opportunities due to changes in federal income tax law.
  • To prepare the tax practitioner for discussions with clients on important changes in this area of tax law.
  • To help the tax practitioner understand their reporting responsibilities.



* 22017 PROPOSED TAX LAW - HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION - Congress has failed at "repeal and replace." Why was it important to do healthcare legislation before tax reform legislation? Steve will explain what you need to know and bring you up-to-date on new developments.

* 2017 PROPOSED TAX LAW - TAX REFORM LEGISLATION - Will we get real tax reform or just tax rate reduction? What must Congress do and when will it likely happen? Who are the likely winners and losers? How will changes affect your choice of business entity? Many questions looking for answers. Come join the conversation. Learn all about it. Sign Up and Steve will bring you up-to-date.

* 2017 IRS GUIDANCE - OR LACK THEREOF! -- What's the IRS doing? Or not doing? Where are the Regulations? Revenue Rulings? Revenue Procedures? Has the IRS gone into hibernation? Steve's got the answer. Sign Up and hear all about it.

* 2016 TAX LAW - 21st CENTURY CURES ACT - Congress legislates tax relief for small businesses. Learn about the new "qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement." Without healthcare reform, HRAs now are more important than ever. Effective dates are tricky. Sign Up and get the details.

* PROPOSED REGULATIONS - PARTNERSHIP AUDIT RULES -- Released one day, withdrawn the very next day and now re-released. Now what? Congress re-writes how the IRS will audit partnerships and LLCs. This change will affect tax return preparers and will have a profound effect on partnerships, LLCs and its investors. The new audit rules take effect in 2018. Sign Up and find out what you need to know now.

* THE IRS AND TAX RETURN PREPARERS - Have you heard about the class-action lawsuit regarding PTIN fees? The court has ruled. What will the IRS do next? And the IRS still wants to regulate tax preparers -- and guess what - so do some members of Congress! Steve's got the details. Sign Up Now!

* THE IRS AND TAX RETURN PREPARERS - What happened to the AICPA's lawsuit against the IRS? Now there's another lawsuit against the IRS. What's going on here? What will happen to the Annual Filing Season Program? Steve's got the details. Sign Up Now!

* NEW HOT ISSUE - S corporation basis reporting. Required. With the AICPA's blessing? What did you say? Tell me it's not true. What's next? Sign Up and find out.

* NEW DEVELOPMENT - IRA ROLLOVERS - The 60-day rule is waived! How is that possible? Can you say self-certification?

* DEVELOPING HOT ISSUE -- GAO REPORT - Is your information safe? The IRS and Defense, among others, are still using 1950s technology. Do you remember DOS? 8-inch floppy disks? COBOL assembly language? FORTRAN? Steve's got the report. Sign Up Now and find out! Oh, wait, the GAO has just updated its report. Was it good news or bad news? Sign Up and find out.

* NOTEWORTHY COURT CASES - Pitfalls of a self-directed IRA. Same CPA advised different clients. Both lose in Tax Court. Taxpayers have deemed distribution of IRA assets from prohibited transaction. Find out why.

* NOTEWORTHY COURT CASE - Compensation versus dividend. C corporation versus S corporation. The Tax Court does something not seen in a generation. Unbelievable!

* PLANNING - Uncertainty Rules!!! Tax planning is more important than ever! Are you ready? Why does Steve say that S corporations now may be more important than ever?

* IMPORTANT - updates and new developments covering 2017 and earlier tax law AND court cases; Treasury income tax regulations; and IRS revenue rulings and procedures.

* NEW DEVELOPMENTS - affecting partnerships and LLCs, and S corporations.


Steve requests that you make a special effort to arrive on time for this class as there will be an extraordinary amount of material to cover, and you won't want to miss any of it!

 Dallas Chapter Training Facility - 12400 Coit Road, Suite 750, Dallas Texas 75251
Course No.: 18500719

Date: December 8, 2017
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
CPE Credits: 8
Cost:  Member /$195; Non-Member / $245
Prerequisites: None. No advanced preparation is necessary. Some basic knowledge of individual and small business taxation, and some tax preparation experience would be helpful.
Category: Update


Members Only


NonMbr Dec 8,2017

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